Urban Oasis — issue for Veranda Magazine

How Nature Can Save Our Life

Through SCAD’s partnership with Veranda Magazine and Hearst for their new Design U initiative, I had the opportunity to work with students from multiple disciplines, along with School of Building Arts faculty, and interact with industry mentors from Outdoor Living Awards. Throughout a design challenge we address the question of ‘How Nature Can Save Your Life’ by crafting design concepts based on Southern outdoor living, featured as a story in Veranda’s ‘Outdoor Living’ issue published this Spring.

The built environments of the American city burst with energy: from diversity of culture and ideas to the eternal dance of community playing out on sidewalks and in shared spaces. The most intimate of these shared environments is the public garden — natural respites that reconnect city dwellers with the abundance of nature and, in contrast to the built environment, the flexibility of her walls. Create a design proposal for a shared urban garden that welcomes city dwellers to commune with each other, encourages interaction and diversity of use, and lays a foundation for positive impact on the energy of the city.





ARTIST. Movement / Writing

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Paulina León

Paulina León

ARTIST. Movement / Writing

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